Presentation Day Performance 2017

5th August Manning Entertainment Centre Taree


Buddings will make their stage debut on this memorable occasion. If you are unable to attend please let your child’s teacher know to assist with preparations.

Your child will need to wear the correct uniform: Refer to uniform list if unsure. We will also be wearing ballet tights available at the ballet shop. Hair is to be in a bun with fringes pinned back. No makeup is needed but if they would like a dab of lipstick on (pink) that’s ok.

You will need to arrive at the Manning Entertainment Centre at 12.00pm for a photo call. Please go directly to the foyer and assemble on the ramp to the left to avoid confusion. A photo of the entire school will be taken which will be available for purchase. After the photo (usually ½ hr) we will bring your children back to you in the foyer. Please remove all cross over’s or jumpers prior to your child leaving you. Too many get lost every year.

You are then free until the performance begins at 2pm.Your child may sit with you during the 1st half,(keep them in their uniform just cover them up with a jacket) then at intermission please take them to the toilet and assemble on the ramp to the left of the foyer 10 mins before the commencement of act 2. You will then return to your seats to enjoy their special moment. After they have danced they will go into the dressing rooms with a teacher and will remain there until the end of the performance usually about 1/2hour. After the performance please remain in your seats and we will bring them out to you in the auditorium.

Tickets go on sale on July 3rd on the Manning Entertainment Centre website. This performance does sell out so please be mindful and only purchase what is needed.

To assist with our preparations please return the slip below to your next lesson.





Name:…………………………………………………………………………………….WILL / WILL NOT be participating in the Presentation Day on August 5th at the Manning Entertainment Centre.