Term 3 Newsletter, 2017


I hope everyone had a refreshing break and are as excited as we are to sink our teeth into term 3.We had many students attend eisteddfods over the break, a big congratulations goes out to all of you for your wonderful effort and results. Championships and scholarships were won by some very talented students. Special mention goes to Mia Paske, for winning the 12 years Demi Character solo in the Sydney Eisteddfod out of such a huge and stiff competition section.

Wil Hellstedt spent his 1st week as an ITP with the Australian Ballet School loving every minute, a class of just boys with no girls in sight, how lovely for all of them.

Jasinta Birchall and Mia Paske successfully auditioned to be a part of the Melbourne City Ballet’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Port Macquarie during the holidays. They enjoyed the experience sharing the stage with professionals.

Bianca Heiss ex student currently studying full time dance came home and shared a workshop day with some enthusiastic students. Thanks Bianca xxx


My exciting news is that we finally got a new roof at the studio which was long overdue. We can now enjoy continued safe dancing with no leaks. The students also got spoilt over the holidays as Peter Sieverts has constructed a 50 bag storage unit for the foyer. Please use it for what it is designed for and put all bags in it so you have warm up space on the floor. I don’t need to remind the students that it is not a climbing apparatus as I’m sure the parents will be behind me in discussing it and the general respect for our beautiful studio.


Presentation Day Tickets have been on sale for 2 weeks now and at the time of print there was still some limited seating available. If you do not have your tickets as yet I would do so ASAP.


Presentation day notes with the timetable have been sent home they are also on the website (under newsletters)on the notice board and on the ARAD family face book page .It is extremely important that you let your child’s teacher know if they are not attending the performance as spaces and positions need to be finalized.

A school photo form was also sent home giving you the opportunity to purchase our group photo taken by Carl Muxlow. It can also be found on the website.


Zac Dun has already judged the Classical Scholarships for 2018 which will be announced at the Presentation Day. This Sunday (23rd July) we will be having special guests Montana Doyle and Kate Cheney judge our Jazz and Tap Scholarships. All are welcome to participate with times and information on the website under newsletter and on the notice board.


The Choreographic Competition will also be completed this Sunday with guest Amanda Hammond enjoying the talents of possible choreographers of the future.


A BBQ will be available on the Presentation day for you to enjoy with your families to avoid the rush across to the Golden arches. For children not being collected at lunch time you may pre order lunch when you sign in for rehearsals. This is our 1st ever BBQ at the MEC with the proceeds going toward costumes, shoes and tracksuits for our students on the Disney tour 2018.Your support will be greatly appreciated and if successful might be something we could do again in the future for other fundraising opportunities.

You will start to hear more about our up and coming Disney trip as over 50 have signed up for the tour in 2018.The school has successfully auditioned and now has the opportunity to perform in Disneyland, Universal Studios, California Adventure Park, Hollywood Boulevard, and in the Disney Parade. Whilst it is the family that cover all travelling costs for the student, as a school I would like to show our support and if we can assist them with costumes, shoes etc (which in fact end up coming back to the costume committee for all students to use in the future).

The Presentation Day is our 1st major school performance event of the year involving all students. This can be daunting for new parents so if you see a new mum or dad looking slightly puzzled please offer your help where necessary as the smooth running of the day relies on you the parents/carers. Class awards have been selected by the teachers and not everyone will receive an award, please remind your children that though they may not win the class award you are proud of them and so happy to share the excitement of their colleague who was this year’s recipient. It is a wonderful day and a chance for you to see the entire school on display. Tears are allowed as we teachers are also so proud of each and every student doing their best.

GARAGE SALE yes we are doing it again this year. We will be participating in the Old Bar world record attempt to have the most garage sales in 1 town on 1 day. All money raised will be divided between the costume committee and the Disney committee. So if you are wanting to donate any items please drop them to the studio in Pulteney st, 5 Hall st Old Bar or request a pick up for larger items by calling 65533122, your donation is greatly appreciated. The day will be run by the students so come along and support them.

It has been pointed out to me yet again that students are waiting out the front of the building after the completion of their class. Please parents for the safety of your child tell them to wait inside or at least up on the foyer stairs until you arrive. Thank you Old Bar parents for collecting your children promptly after class and for monitoring your children whilst outside the hall. It is a busy corner on ballet afternoons and we want everyone to remain alert.

Whilst we are speaking of safety may I ask parents, even if it is not your child to stop the children swinging outside on the railings in the Pulteney st studio and Old Bar? It is concrete under them should they slip.

Could our tappers please cover their shoes or only put them on once they have arrived to class. Wearing your taps on the concrete is not good for them and please check your shoes regularly for screws or sharp sections that may be cutting our dance floor.

Parents may not be aware that we have 2 adult classes now available and all are welcome. Mondays 2pm is Adult Tap, and Fridays 7.30pm is Adults Ballet. Both classes are having a ball learning lots and enjoying each others company. You are never too old as our 70+ year olds in the class would inform us.

Ballet exam entries are due by 24th July please return your note and payment so that your child doesn’t miss out.

I love term 3 as the students are well into their dance year and we start to see real improvements. Look forward to seeing you all at the Presentation Day on Saturday 5th August. Miss Andrea


17th July Term 3 commences


23rd July Jazz & Tap Scholarship classes
5th August Presentation Day Performance(ALL STUDENTS)
2nd Sept Garage Sale Old Bar


15th Sept Raffles Club Taree


16th / 17th Sept Dress rehearsals Port Eisteddfod(selected students)


22nd Set Group Weekend Port Macquarie Eisteddfod (selected students)


23rd Sept Term 3 ends


4th-7th Oct Ballet exam Workshop


9th Oct Term 4 Commences


25th Nov Studio Dress Rehearsal and Photos(All Students)


29th Nov -1st Dec Concert Rehearsals MEC (All students)


2nd Dec Annual Concert 1pm & 6.30pm


9th Dec Term 4 ends